Mr. Sogs Sewing Kit for Kids

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Mr. Sogs Sewing Kit features:

  • Pre-cut fleece pieces
  • Spool of thread
  • One pair of safety eyes
  • Hypo-allergenic stuffing
  • Fully illustrated step by step instructions
  • Recommended for 7 years or older
  • Play Pack dimensions are 8.00 w x 4.00 d x 11.00 h

Children will learn to sew with mom's help and this adorable Mr. Sogs creature kit. The kit includes detailed instructions for kids to create their own creature with colorful pre-cut fleece pieces and detailed instructions. We wrap it in a colorful design with our favorite Ore Originals play pack for boys or girls. The completed Mr. Sogs creature fits perfectly in the play pack for take along or storage of new sewing materials. Needle and scissors not included.  

Mr. Sogs Sewing Kit comes with play pack in colorful wrapped design.  Perfect for birthday or holiday gift!