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Gifts For Kids: Classic Toys Every Child Should Have

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Classic toys are having a resurgence in popularity. Not only do classic toys have a timeless appeal, but millennial parents are realizing the importance of giving kids a break from technology. Simpler, old-fashioned toys encourage children to be creative and use their imaginations, which is important for their development. Board games, in particular, can boost children’s fine motor development, understanding of ethics, and strategic thinking skills. If you’re looking for the perfect classic child’s toy, the following suggestions are bound to put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient.

Classic board games

Once children reach five years old, they become social, better able to understand another’s perspective, and come to love group play. Board games make a perfect gift as children learn to take turns and can cope with not always winning. A fun board game is Sorry! which teaches sportsmanship, counting, and decision making. It involves moving pieces around the board to get them home. But other players can disrupt you and send you back. The much-loved, classic game of charades has also been updated for children. Players mimic eating chocolate or being a robot, while others race to guess correctly before the timer runs out. Pair your board game with a chocolate gift basket the whole family can enjoy and you’ll be set for a fun time.

Wooden train set

Wooden train sets have come along way. Some trains now have engines which can start and stop, slow down speed up, and even change direction. Wooden train sets come at many different price points. Investing in a more complex set is bound to captivate children for hours. Some come with over eighty pieces, including, boats, trains, buses, trucks, cars, stations, bridges, and tunnels. Wooden train sets are a wonderful gift as you can continue to build the collection with extra track for years to come.

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families have been delighting children and whole families for over thirty years. The reason for their enduring appeal? Lovable, fuzzy characters who live peacefully together in idyllic villages where nothing bad ever happensThere are numerous Sylvanian playsets to choose from: houses, bakeries, schools, nurseries, ice cream vans, cars, and more. And then there are the adorable families of kangaroos, koalas, dogs, elephants, mice, and hedgehogs to name a few. This gift pairs nicely with the Brave as a Bunny book gift set. It features a lovable bunny who sets out to explore the world and will renew your child’s love for reading when they’re tired of play.

Ultimately, the best thing about classic toys is they never run out of battery. Without addictive screens or flashy technology, children have to rely on their imagination for entertainment. Buying a child a classic toy is sure to provide hours of joy for years to come.

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