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​Giving The Gift of Health And Beauty

(Photo by Jon Tyson) Health and beauty gifts are a great way to make someone feel pampered, so that they know you care. It could be as thoughtful as a get-well-soon gift basket or a personalised hamper that contains well chosen spa treatments for home pampering. As consumers, over 30% of Americans spend as much as [...]

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​Alternative, Unique, and Personalized Easter Gift Ideas

The daffodils are blooming, the warmth of the sun has returned for the year, and the grocery stores are all stocking up on lots of candy; it must almost be Easter! The springtime holiday is one of the cheeriest times of year and family and friends use it as an opportunity to show their love through gifts and companionship. [...]

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Best 4 Sleeping Gifts You Don't Want to Live Without

The sleep industry has evolved a lot over the past decades, and it has designed many fantastic products meant to help us get the perfect rest. We have state-of-the-art mattresses, high-tech beds, excellent accessories, organic materials, eco-friendly solutions and much more to choose from – in fact, the variety can be a bit overwhelming.I'm a big fan of sleeping accessories, and [...]

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10 Inspiring Quotes by Women

Today is International Women’s Day, and in this year of #metoo and #timesup, women are being recognized and applauded for their leadership, courage, and perseverance. Throughout history, we have been graced by women who became well-known for these qualities in many walks of life. Today I wanted to highlight some that I have admired for their unique words [...]

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A Quick Guide To Choosing A Great Gadget Gift

Are you looking for that perfect gift for someone who loves gadgets? With the number of gadgets on sale, it may be a hard task to find the right gadget to buy. Gadgets are great as presents and work well with other gifts too that's why it's no wonder that 90% of Americans own one. [...]

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The Heat is on - Gift Giving for the Cook in your Life

You are going to buy a present for a cook but do not know where to start. You want to be seen as insightful, showing admiration for their skill, and if you want them to continue to make delicious meals for you to sample you want to make this a thoughtful gift. Is there a [...]

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"Punny" Vintage Valentines

No one does puns quite like those on vintage Valentine's Day cards. We recently discovered a bunch in an old box and thought we'd share! These days it's all emojis and Disney characters, but back in the 1960's and 70's, it was all puns. I guess humor makes it a little easier to show your [...]

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Gifts For Seniors Which Stand Out From The Crowd

Photo by Jess Watters on UnsplashThere’s nothing better than unexpectedly receiving a gift. Americans are a nation of gift-givers who love to splash their cash on their loved ones and their pets. Last year $593 million was spent just on Valentine’s gifts for America’s pets, but pets aren’t the only ones that Americans should spoil [...]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Celebrate the Many Loves in Your Life

Gifts for true love. Gifts for best friends. Gifts for parents, grandparents, and little loves. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we have a few ideasto help you celebrate all the loves in your life! For your one true love Select the perfect gift to match his or her taste and interests. Choose a gourmet basket or personal gift collection, or contact us [...]

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January 2018 - Get in Shape for Kindness!

This month we are ringing in the New Year with conscious acts of kindness! All month long we'll be highlighting acts of kindness through stories, ideas and more to inspire a year of kindness. You'll find kindness everywhere on our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!Join us in our kindness journey by planning to do one conscious act of [...]

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