Best 4 Sleeping Gifts You Don't Want to Live Without

Posted by Michael on Mar 09 2018

The sleep industry has evolved a lot over the past decades, and it has designed many fantastic products meant to help us get the perfect rest. We have state-of-the-art mattresses, high-tech beds, excellent accessories, organic materials, eco-friendly solutions and much more to choose from – in fact, the variety can be a bit overwhelming.

I'm a big fan of sleeping accessories, and I also enjoy gifting my friends with such items – they are practical, they bring comfort and coziness, and they play a crucial role in our quest for a healthy lifestyle. So I always look for the latest inventions or the newest features, because I like to surprise my loved ones with outstanding presents. Here are four of my all-time favorite sleeping gifts which I gladly recommend, whether you’ll get them for you or someone else:

The Tranquility Pod

The impressive futuristic bed is one of the most astonishing products on the market. It uses a mix of soothing sounds, soft vibrations, and calming light to gently take your body and mind into a perfect state of relaxation which quickly transforms into the restful sleep you need. The pod is made of fiberglass, and its ellipsoid exterior (which initially made it look like coming from a Sci-Fi movie) blocks almost all surrounding noises while playing music in the interior. With the help of a pulse sensor, the pod can synchronize your heart rate with its LED lights to create the perfect atmosphere for you to unwind. The temperature of the waterbed inside the ellipse can be controlled from a panel. Many top companies use such items to help their employees relax and take power naps during stressful working days. The Tranquility Pod could make a marvelous gift for you or someone you care for very much, as it still comes at a high-price.

The Counting Sheep Coffee

Most of my friends are big coffee lovers, and they would take a cup with them in bed anytime, except that drinking coffee before bedtime is not recommended. Here's the Counting Sheep Coffee to the rescue: a product which will, in fact, help you get to sleep! The brand has developed a gourmet, decaf coffee, based on Arabica beans mingled with a natural herbal supplement – the Valerian root. Valerian has always been used for treating various sleeping disorders and anxiety. The coffee tastes great and helps you wind down after a hard day. It's the perfect gift for all you coffee lovers!

The Memory Foam Nap Mat

If you want to enjoy a great sleep wherever you go, not just in your bedroom, then you should get the portable memory foam nap mat with a built-in pillow. You’ll never give up comfort with this one! According to, the nap mat is made from certified memory foam with cooling gel foam, wrapped in a plush microfiber velveteen removable cover which you can machine wash to keep clean. It rolls easily; it is simple to carry and extremely comfortable. Plus, it is not at all expensive.

The Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow series is by far one of my preferred and treasured choices of a gift. They come in four versions: the Original, the Light, the Mini and the Go pillows. All of them are portable, extremely comfortable and perfect for napping at home, at the office, during a flight or a car ride, or just anywhere you feel that you need some rest. The Original is considered the utmost napping pillow: you just slip in its comfortable texture and snooze. The Light option is fantastic for those who commute or travel a lot by plane: it supports the neck, and it protects the eyes as well. The Mini version is a portable pillow to take with you anywhere, and it's great for cat naps, while the Go option is the ultimate travel pillow for those who adore napping in style. No matter which one you choose, they will make fantastic gifts.